i feel like mary lambert just saved my entire day by putting out this music video

im violently crying like literally every time i hear this i cant not sob

I saw her perform this live…she is amazing!

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"When was the last time someone ran their fingers through the knots of your soul?"

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My weakness

My weakness

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#When Kristoff met Sven

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So lately I’ve been strongly reconsidering applying to medical school. After doing some extensive research the past few months on the logistics of it all….

Would I really be happy? The more I look into it, the less it would seem so.

It’s making more and more sense why more often than not, doctors have told me to stay clear of med school and to not make their mistake. Maybe I should actually listen.

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Anonymous asked: I saw a porn star with your face and omg he looked just like you.

Really?!?! What’s his name, anon? I’m so curious!

And also, I could do this with so much more confidence ;)

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How puppies help when you’re sick.

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